With its proven environmental credentials and unrivalled anti-corrosion properties, galvanizing is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. The process of protecting steel in a shield of molten zinc is certainly not new- it’s over 150 years old. There are cheaper methods of steel protection and other building materials are available. But they’ve shown to be more costly in the long-run - costly in relation to expensive maintenance and repairs, costly to the environment.

Galvanizing is the only sustainable option. Zinc is abundant worldwide. It’s 100% recyclable and around 30% of the zinc used in galvanizing today is from recycled sources. Steel is one of the most widely used materials on our planet and requires a large amount of energy to produce. For every two tonnes produced, one tonne is made to replace rusted steel. Galvanizing greatly reduces the negative impact of this high demand for natural resources and energy consumption.

GANZ is the Galvanizing Association of New Zealand. We represent the core of New Zealand’s galvanizing specialists. Our mission is to promote the environmental sustainability of our product and to maintain the highest standards of quality and service in support New Zealand construction and engineering industries through our international affiliations.

And we’re passionate about what we do because no other steel protection technique matches the anti-corrosion performance of hot dip galvanizing, and very few alternatives offer the same eco-friendly solution. That’s why our motto is "Galvanizing makes sense and saves dollars". Please email us or call if you have any technical questions or queries you’d like to discuss.

John Notley
Galvanizing Association of New Zealand

ZINC is SUSTAINABLE - abundant worldwide and 100% RECYCLABLE

Choosing a corrosion protection system is a critical step in the design of any project and the life-cycle cost of corrosion-related maintenance is typically two- to five-times the initial cost. The Galvanizers Association of Australia has developed a new micro-site to allow users to calculate the initial and total life costs of 30+ other corrosion protection systems against hot dip galvanized steel. Based on the information you provide, the Life-Cycle Cost Calculator (LCCC) will generate a customised report detailing all costs associated with maintaining the structure over the desired project service life, including the time value of money. You can access the Life Cycle Cost Calculator here.

More information on Life Cycle Costing of hot dip galvanized coatings, including the sustainable features of the process, is available from GANZ.

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GANZ Newsletter Archives